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Because our Redmon Funeral Home "family" knows that the adjustment to the loss of a loved one begins at the time of death, we offer on-going support in our Continuing Care program.  Grief materials, a lending library, telephone follow-up calls, first year anniversary remembrance cards and support group sessions are part of that program. 'Until Healing Comes,' an easy simple informational series, is offered two evenings a month, incorporates specific small group support and take-home hand-out materials.  These peer groups are led by trained, healed grievers and by Lou-Ann Redmon, Bereavement Facilitator.

Because grief affects the whole of each person, sessions cover the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and behavioral aspects of the grief journey.  Specific topics include, "Am I normal?" - "Does anyone Understand?" - "Will I Heal?" - "Letting Go" - "Family Dynamics" - "Where's God?" and many more.

The Redmon Funeral Home Continuing Care Program is our privilege to walk alongside of those who grieve, offering them help, encouragement and hope.  We are humbled by those who entrust us with their broken hearts . . . . 'Until Healing Comes.'

The following articles are written by Dr. Bill Webster, (doctorate, University of Toronto) Founder and Director of Grief Education and for the Centre for Grief Journey, and has been awarded a prestigious fellowship in thanatology by the Association of Death Education and Counselling (ADEC) are part of a comprehensive library available on our Grief Journey web portal. These articles are meant to describe different types of grief; their intent is to help you understand your own, or to help you empathize with another person's grief. 

Dr. Bill`s knowledge of grief exists not just in theory, but from a very difficult personal experience. In 1983, Bill`s young wife died suddenly of a heart attack. Her passing left him in the difficult situation of coping with immense loss while raising his two sons, who were only seven and nine when their mother died. Dr. Bill has become a recognized author and a renowned international speaker and seminar leader who draws from 30 years of experience in the field of grief support and counselling.

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Understanding Grief

These articles will help you understand your own grief or the grief of another. Grief is not as simple as it's made out to be -- it is more than just "feeling sad."

10 Facts about Grief and Grieving
Understanding Bereavement

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Coping with Loss

These articles will help you understand the dynamics of specific losses, such as the loss of a spouse, or the loss of a pet.

The Loss of a Spouse
The Loss of a Pet

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Children and Grief

These articles will help you understand the grief process of a child, with tips on how to help them cope.

Loss from a Child’s Perspective
Helping Children Cope

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Helping those who Grieve

These articles will provide you with some useful information on how to help someone who is grieving, as well as tips on how to help navigate special days and holidays, which can be especially difficult in the wake of a loss.

How to Help Someone who is Grieving
How to Help Navigate Special days and Holidays

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Coping with Complicated Situations

Grief can come unexpectedly in life. These articles offer more specific information on certain types of grief, such as grief following a suicide, and grief in the workplace.

Grief in the Workplace

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